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Online Newsletter Number Three

March, 2012 Newsletter  by Super Sue

Hugh McCusker Nov 17, 1937 - Nov 28, 2011

On November 28th our dear friend Hugh McCusker passed away. Huey join the Oakland Motorcycle Club in 1984. He was very active with the OMC and held many offices including President, Vice President, Road Captain, and was in charge of the annual Three Bridge Run. He had a passion for motorcycle riding and camping and he thoroughly enjoyed doing them together. When Huey was the road  captain, instead of bar stops, there would be plenty of ice cream stops. The weekly meetings were never complete until Huey told a good joke.  Hugh was also best know as the "Ping Pong Champion". A title he held for 15 years.

Surviving are his wife of over 50 years Jeanette, (Jan), son Ron, two grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and brother Michael. He was preceded in death by two sons, Mark and Rick.

 After retiring Hugh and Jan moved to Hidden Valley and then eventually to Pahrump, NV.

 Jan along with family and OMC members will leave from the Myers Flat Campground at 10:00 AM on May 19th to spread Huey's ashes along the Redwood Forest.  Huey leaves us with great memories and stories.  He is deeply missed.

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Photo of Huey
Written by Tracy Snyder

What's been going on since October?  Plenty!!

Coast Guard Island Tour in Alameda

Darryl S., club member and Coast Guard, arranged for the club to have a tour of 
the largest CG ship in the USA.  It was a great day with a lunch at Quin's Lighthouse and 
beautiful weather.  
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Livermore Flagpole Photo Shoot Event 

Folks over at Tri-Valley Moto in Livermore arranged for a photograph to be taken in downtown Livermore

to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of a photo that they have in their shop.  The photo is like the same

one we have at the club hall that is from the early 1900's and shows a huge rally of motorcycles surrounding the flagpole.  Seems that the flagpole race was a popular event.  For Oakland, the race started at our oldest club hall on Grand Avenue  and it ended up at the downtown Livermore flagpole.  It was a real treat for us OMC members to participate in this event and we want to thank the folks at Tri-Valley Moto.  See the nice video that they made about their social-positive and community-inclusive motorcycle culture found at their shop.  You can order a print of that photograph that was taken on the same day in September, 23, 2011 by clicking here.   

Click here to see another picture on the internet that shows the 1911 Livermore Flagpole Race.

While you are there at that site checking out the old photos, be sure to click on the link that has the archived

photos from a Napa family who was there at that race in 1911.  

Among the crowd at the Livermore Flagpole Rally was this fellow on the same bike found on this youtube video.  His name is Victor Boocock and he was riding on a 1914 Harley Davidson!  He was a shy fellow but I found him on the net and I think he was very interesting so I am going throw in his 15 minutes of fame.  He rode that bike cross country and that must have been a real adventure for him.   

Well that's Victor Boocock. It would be great if he came by the club hall with that wonderful antique bike that he actually uses.  Amazing!  

Club Calendar Meeting

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Black and White and Ritzy 

Black and White and Ritzy was this year's theme for the Annual Awards Banquet this year.  We had another great night of dining and dancing in style.  More pictures are located right HERE.  

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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OMC has fun with SFMC!


The SFMC had a wonderful evening of pirate rucus.  At the Old Timer's Dance this year, as soon as you walked into the front door of the club house, you could tell that they went all out with the pirate theme.  The decorations were great and they had some very fancy costumes.  Thank goodness the OMC spent some time on our pirate flare.   I've been to a few of the Old Timers Dance parties and they always make a great party with  great food, great bands and most importantly, great people to hang out with.  If you didn't make it this year, you really owe it to yourselves to show up and have an SFMC ball! 

Click here to see a great photo blog of the party by John and Carey, two of the many really cool SFMC members. 


Guess who won again.....

Some of the great quotes of the day at the 2012 Annual Pool Tourney with our pals at SFMC.  

"We got pie"..."Anyone who wants to play against Oakland has to practice six hours a day for six months leading up to the tournament"..."We brought the trophy just to let you guys look at it"....

"I've got to say that your table is so amazaing.  Your felt is nice and your bumpers are good.  Thank you very much".





Found!  Recently added to the internet!  Old photos from 1946 of the Oakland Motorcycle Club Enduro.

Find that photo by clicking right here.  And here, you will find photos of the Oakland Motorcycle Club that were originally posted by their owner on another site.  Check out the comments while you are there. 

Check out the new Squires Family toy!  

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Here we are taking a break from working the Jackhammer.  

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Thanksgiving at the clubhall.  We enjoyed the company of many who were able to make it out.  You

can tell these folks were glad to be there.  

I missed the Xmas party and did not get any photos from folks so I can only assume it was a great time as usual for the adults and the kiddies.  

Later on, after I return from my Death Valley ride this weekend, I will scour Facebook for some photos and possibly some stories.  I'll do this for the folks who are not on Facebook.  Just know that we have a group that you can sign up for on Facebook and if you search under "Oakland Motorcycle Club" there, you will find it.  We have about 100 people signed up for the group.  There are club members who belong to Facebook and then there are other people who are also interested in what we are doing.  So friends, family, club members and people who like to see what we are doing, please join that very active group to see more on a regular basis.  

Ride on!  

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