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May not remember this guy but

  • 17 Apr 2011 5:06 PM
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    Hi OMC'rs.  I just found something really cool and wanted to post it here.  Remeber Mathias Schmidt who came to the club hall about two years ago?  He's a world moto traveller and was in our neck of the globe.  How he even made it to our club hall is because some of us went to the 49'r rally (the year that all our tents were flooded from rain and we moved to the gazebo for dryer camping).  Mathias was there and he hung out with us and went on a ride with a few of us.  Next time I saw this man from Europe was at the Moto GP when Dan Smith and his family were perched up in the RV camping area.  He was just in the crowd and we all said hi.  So after that weekend, he made his way over to the club hall to pay a visit. 


    I've been checking out his global travels website and last I checked he was in New Zealand and Australia trying to get his bike across the outback by using a truck since it was dangerous and boring to go via moto.  Today, I found his site and he's still out there and currently in Sudan and Egypt. 


    Here's a link to this man's site and if you look at the pics, you will see an OMC sticker on his pannier, a little tattered, but traveling with him!  How cool is that???!



    If you try to see the link and it comes up as a bad address, then click on the blue sentance located in the middle of the page that says something like "view this link on another page"


    Remember that bike?  That's some miles!  And he wore the same jacket too.  The red on the sleeves were faded.  I think it's a BMW jacket but it's a Honda motorcycle.

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