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Sheetiron 2011

  • 26 May 2011 6:35 PM
    Message # 602725

    Sheetiron 2011 from larryboy8821 on Vimeo.

    Ok, folks!  Time to show off any footage or stories that you have about the Sheetiron, 2011.  First off all, we had fantastic weather.  We were going to have rain but somehow that turned out to be one of the best weekends.  Let  me start the thread with the amazin Larryboy coverage from the top of his helmet.  Larryboy is an avid moto travelor who attends the Sheetiron pretty regularly.  This year, he biffed it in the last water crossing of the weekend- the one that everyone was hessitating on.  He went through without really checking it out and found himself up to his neck in water.  Just if you are wondering, he's the dude with the amazing headlight that light up the trajectory of a rocket ship in space.  I don't know what it cost him but when he is out doing his solo moto ride through Death Valley in the cold of November-for ten days straight- that light is well worth it, I'm sure.  (Even if it is just handy to have around to make some toast).   He he.


    Stay tuned for more videos that I have found.  They're great this year, folks!

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