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Super Suz goes to Kernville and Death Valley for a non OMC rally

15 May 2011 7:24 PM | Anonymous


Went to Kernville nearby Lake Isabella for the weekend before Easter Sunday. It was set up by ADVrider people.  For about 60 bucks, you had more beer than you can drink, a steak bbq dinner on Sat night, great raffle items, a swanky t-shirt to buy and up to four nights of camping at a nice place nearby the river that caters to big rafting parties.  So it's set up for groups with an outdoor ampetheater and gas fire ring (smokeless). 


There were about 150 or so riders with ALLL kinds of bikes, street, big bike dual sport, single track specials, BMW mixing with KLRs and others.  I did not know that there was so much riding around the area. Many times I have been through there and wondered where it all is.  Well it's behind the first ridges!   I ended up in a ghost town area called Keysville and there was 100 miiles of single track. It was only ten miles from camp.  There is also the Rincon riding area with plenty of gnarly black diamond single track to sweat through and a few of the riders did.  If you want to see the full report, you can find it right here (click on the word "here") or go here:  http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=679895





When we got to Beaty, we stayed at the hot springs camp five or six miles north of Beaty called Bailey's Hot Springs. There you will find three enclosed soaks of hotter, hot, and warm. The bathrooms are clean and there is a grassy area for tents. It was about ten bucks a night, I think.  


Three things about Beaty:

1. The good Mexican restaurant appears to have been closed for good.

2. There's a really great military ammo canister / container place on the north end of 95 that would be worth checking out if you like that kind of stuff. All sizes, extra large and small.

3. The gas station at the casino has handy air and water lines right there at the gas pump, just like the good ol'days. Free and strong too.


We took a truck into town for dinner at the Casino. I had liver and onions, a hard organ to find on a menu these days.


On this trip, we talked a great deal about the road reports of Larry Boy. Baja Ho, being a huge fan, remembered that he stays at the Pheonix Inn, that Jetsons Motel that has charm and fun that a Beaty fleabarn should have. We wanted to check it out for ourselves. When we arrived, we saw an awesome looking sidecar moto and quickly ID'd it to be BeemChef's home on wheels. BeemerChef is another ADV regular and lives out on his bike with his dog, Spirit.  He saw us gawking at the bike and sneeking a pic in front of it (Ho, you have that pic too) so he came out to chat a bit. I said, "Hi. I'm Super Suz". And his reply was, "And"? He'd just come out of the Goldfield area and it's somewhere piosted in here, I think. http://bmwdog.com/. Anyway, a really down to earth man.


Baja Ho and I took a ride through Titus before parting ways, me going to help out my dad in Vegas. I didn't take good vids or pics since my camera ran out of memory on the narrow canyon stuff. So if anyone has any substitute pics, (hint hint, Ho), then please post some.


Hey, I just figured out that I need to take a sticker and put it right where my helmet says "Simpson", putting an upside down" Super Suz Channel"


I noted on the ADV thread ride report....


To all the gnarly riders who posted on this report, you guys are good riders! Cool thing is, all types of riders were at this rally and I think most of us had a good time too. Thanks again for the swanky t shirt and the fun! 







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